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See Ya Sammy..

Last years' franchisee and best cover corner, now gone.  But Bruschi? He gets this huge extension, I dont get it, he's too slow to cover the tight ends anymore. Stallworth? He'll probably walk too. Whats next, will they bring back Reche Caldwell ?. This team seems in trouble to me. Its like they went for broke this year, and now that they havent won, they are on the run. Is there a dismantling underway?
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Posted on: February 28, 2008 11:15 am

No Franchise For Moss?

So the question becomes, is he going to get signed to a deal with New England that will allow them to pay him higher under contract for more years, or will they simply let him go? Could his total shut down in the playoffs mean New England wont even attempt to sign him? My gut is that New England will let him go hit the market. It looks like things are starting to get ugly for The Pats, so close to perfection. The higher you fly, the harder you crash. I'd like to see him back, and see them get some new lineman and linebackers. However, New England has lost their luster as the elite franchise, the entire world is suspicious of Bellichick, so we wont have that kind of draw, I suspect. We'll know soon enough, the deadline to re sign Moss is coming quick
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Posted on: February 16, 2008 6:27 pm

2008 Slaters Mock Draft,1st round

1. Arod

2 Pujols

3 H. Ramirez

4 D Wright

5 J Santana

6 Howard

7 J. Reyes

8 M Cabrera

9 J. Rollins 

10 P Fielder

11. M Holliday

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Lets Not "Misremember " This.....

September 2007, Spygate happens, Immediately, ALL Pats 3 Rings are challenged, mostly, but not surprisingly, by Steelers and Cowboys fans who also root for the Yanks. In short, Frontrunners. The ignorrance is staggerring. Everybody talks about NE having the League in its back pocket, etc, etc. Well, ladies and gentlemen, lets apply that cheating theory where it belongs, The 1998 -2000  New York McNamees, I mean Yankees, who pulled off a 3 peat with an "unbeatable" team of the decade, a team half full of key players now being pegged for their steroid use, Its called CHEATING, WHERE IS THE TALK TO TAKE BACK THOSE TITLES? WHERE? IT  STRARTED RIGHT HERE ON SLATERS NEW ENGLAND SPORTS BLOG.    READ UP, THE BEST IS YET TO COME...............................

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The Wire...

Is absolutely the best show going right now, like The Sopranos,  you have to have watched it from the beginning and be able to pick up on the subtle twists, the history of the characters from season to season, but it shows how all the players in politics and law enforcement all basically operate the same way, with a lust for power. It shows how its all a game, a game whose victor is the highest bidder , or the one who gets away with the most cash. You see how its all connected,  that everyone gets corrupted, everything gets corrupted, or, as McNulty said, "Rules? Fu%k the rules, The game is rigged."  What  McNulty doesnt know is that the game is over, its been sold, we all get screwed one way or another and its all on  The Wire
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Posted on: February 10, 2008 1:46 pm

Welcome Sportsbloggers

Football season is over! New England eventually met up with a game they couldnt win, rather than a team they couldnt beat. We've proven we can beat anyone, we're just not perfect, I remain convinced that if we had lost a regular season game and did not have the mental exhaustion of the perfection issue, we would have won the Super Bowl, who would ever guess The Pats and GMen would ever actually meet in a Super Bowl. I still cant get over that loss, but Congrats to NYG. The Huskies are ready to enter March Madness, The Celtics are dominating, Bruins are hanging in there, Red Sox Spring Training is almost here and 2008 MLB and Fantasy Season Countdown is on...

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